Automate your garage, gate or front door.


What is the Homation box about?

Automate your garage, gate or front door through your smartphone, smartwatch or computer from anywhere in the world.

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1 device, 2 relays

You can control up to 2 devices (front door, garage, gate, light, ..) with a single Homation box.

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The Homation box can either be connected through a standard network cable, or via a wireless connection.

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All communication with the Homation box is secured. No compromises.

Ease of use

Control using your smartphone, smartwatch or computer

After the initial setup you can open or close your garage door, front gate or front door from anywhere in the world with a single tap. Even if you only have your smartwatch around your wrist, you can open your door with a single tap on the wrist. No more keys to carry.

Homation is also compatible with Apple's HomeKit - which allows to control your front door or garage using voice control (Siri) and create fully automated scenes.

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A short introduction on how to install Homation in your house.

  • Unpack the Homation box and open it.
  • Connect the 2 wires of the potential-free contact of your garage, front door, gate (or any other potential-free contact) to one of the 2 available relays in the Homation box
  • Wire it to your network switch or connect it to your WiFi network.
  • Launch the Homation app and configure the Homation box using the app
  • Ready!

Web interface & API

Automate even more

  • Using the API you can automate the way you want it
  • The web interface allows to configure your Homation box
  • Setup security

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